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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit on the machine at once?

The 360 photo booth can hold up to 4 people at once. Remember to keep your feed on the platform at all times.

What items are included in the base hourly price of the 360 photo booth?

We will setup the 360 photo booth, as well as 10 foot red carpet runner with 6 crowd control stanchions to keep your guests clear of the machine’s 360 spinning arm. We will also provide LED mood lighting and basic rpops for your event. 

How long does the set up and break down process take?

Our InVision 360 crew will arrive 45 minutes before your event start time to setup the included equipment and calibrate the machine. Once your event is over, we will pack up the machine and gather the props. This process will take approximately 30 minutes. 

How many attendants will be running the machine?

At least two members of our InVision 360 staff will be on site to assist with setting up and running the 360 photo booth.

Are there any special requirements for the event space to accommodate your 360 photo booth?

We will need to be within at least 30 feet of an outlet to power the machine, and we require at least an 8 by 8 square foot area for the machine to spin.

How will I receive my videos from the event?

We offer SMS, email, and QR Code sharing that will be available immediately after you step off the machine. 

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